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Argus 2

The world you saw... changed. The world you'll see, will change you.


Welcome to the future

Blink and
you'll miss it.

the stuff of legends

named after argus panoptes, ancient greek protector and loyal servant to the end. blessed with 100 eyes, argus was all seeing, making him a very valued servant to the gods. the argus 2 brings that all seeing sense to you, and the loyal protectant to your ai.

lesson learned

we learned from the argus 1. the argus 2 is now designed with lightweight and ergonomic materials, ensuring long-term comfort during extended use. They feature adjustable frames, cushioned nose pads, and customizable temple arms to accommodate a wide range of head sizes and shapes.


the argus 2 is powered by our revolutionary operating system, osu. this new os supports a robust app ecosystem that provides tools, frameworks, and APIs for developers to build innovative AR content, fostering a thriving community of AR creators and enhancing the glasses' capabilities

r. ar. vr.

the argus 2 seamlessly transitions between all your worlds. reality, your augmented reality, and your virtual reality.

Spatial Mapping

The glasses employ advanced computer vision algorithms and depth sensors to map and understand the user's surrounding environment. This allows for precise object recognition, occlusion, and spatial understanding, enabling realistic and interactive virtual object placement within the physical world.

Gesture and Eye Tracking

The glasses utilize advanced sensors and cameras to track the user's eye movements and hand gestures accurately. This enables intuitive interaction with virtual objects, menu navigation, and gesture-based commands, creating a seamless and natural user interface



for the sake of privacy.

one way

the argus 2, just like the argus 1, uses one way mirror material to ensure only you can view the content of your glasses.


but a one way mirror wasn't enough. anybody walking up to you from behind could see the lenses of your glasses. we noticed this, and fixed it. the argus 2 lenses are coated with several layers of PET plastic materials. meaning your display is invisible to everyone, from any angle. only you, the wearer can view the content.

Biometric Authentication

The glasses incorporate advanced biometric authentication methods, such as iris scanning or fingerprint recognition, to ensure that only authorized users can access the device and its associated features. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing personal data or using the glasses without permission

Private Data Processing

The glasses prioritize privacy by performing data processing and analysis locally on the device, minimizing the need for transmitting sensitive information to external servers. This approach reduces the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to personal data.


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