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arcangelo 2

The midas touch... reinvented.

the stuff of legends

We here at Blanket Incorporation believe a name should fit. That's why our Arcangelo Series is named after the great Arcangelo Corelli, famous Italian composer known for his Christmas concerto. And now, with the Arcangelo 2, you too will compose, even if unintentionally. With every movement, you create a symphony of digital wonder, captivating those around you with your mesmerizing control and finesse.


happy dance

The Arcangelo 2 rings utilize advanced motion tracking technology, combining inertial sensors, gyroscopes, and optical sensors. This combination enables precise and responsive tracking of hand movements in three-dimensional space.


The arcangelo 2 are designed to be compatible with all blanket products including the argus 2 and arcadia 2 . They support various operating systems and have cross-platform compatibility, allowing seamless integration across multiple devices and platforms


The rings incorporate sophisticated gesture recognition algorithms, enabling users to control devices through intuitive hand gestures. Users can perform gestures like swiping, tapping, rotating, and pointing to interact with virtual objects, navigate menus, and execute commands

Haptic Feedback

The rings feature haptic feedback technology, providing tactile sensations and vibrations to enhance the user experience. This feedback can be customized and adjusted based on user preferences or specific interactions, providing a more immersive and intuitive control experience

rgb? L.u.v.

The arcangelo 2 features customizable LED lights that can be adjusted to display different colors or patterns. This customization allows users to personalize the appearance of the rings, and the LED lights can also serve as visual indicators for device status or tracking calibration.



a color for everyone


lazy sunday

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