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arcadia 2

"Conscious camera"



a lens for your hyper-intelligent friend

et in arcadia ego

Arcadia was a utopia of the ancient world. no one knew anything other than peace. but even in such a peaceful place, one thing existed... a lack of superb technological products by blanket!


let there be sight!

Give your ai freedom to enhance image processing and optimization. your AI analyzes scene elements, identifies subjects, and intelligently adjusts optical parameters to deliver the best possible image quality in real-time... just like you!

Light Bending Coating

The arcadia lens is coated with a proprietary nanomaterial that can bend light at extreme angles, reducing the need for multiple lens elements. This innovation results in a compact design without compromising image quality, and it allows for a wide range of focal lengths within a single lens.

Quantum Focusing System

The arcadia lens incorporates quantum technology to enable instantaneous and ultra-precise autofocus. It leverages quantum entanglement properties to instantly calculate and adjust focus, resulting in unparalleled speed and accuracy.

picochip engine

the blanket exclusive computer chip, the "picochip", powers the arcadia 2 entirely by incorporating innovative energy-harvesting technology to power its advanced features. It utilizes ambient light, heat differentials, or even kinetic energy generated by the camera's movements to sustain its operation, reducing the reliance on external power sources.

Hyper-Wide Aperture

The arcadia 2 boasts an unprecedented maximum aperture of f/0.5 or even wider. This extraordinary aperture enables exceptional low-light performance, ultra-shallow depth of field, and the ability to capture previously unimaginable levels of detail in challenging lighting conditions


a new generation


8k cinematic recording

arcadia 2 is the first accessory camera in the world capable of recording 8k 60fps video. now, anyone can record stunning cinematography with

1 charge every week

a single charge for the arcadia 2 can last up to a week thanks to the revolutionary diamond-lithium battery integration. not to mention how small it is to fit in a pocket camera.

19200x10800. not a typo.

pushing boundaries is our forte. what seemed impossible yesterday, we made possible today. the arcadia 2's 207 megapixel camera has crossed a milestone. gone are the days of 1920x1080, because we've added zeros.

scene intelligence

your very own sentient, hyper-intelligent ai can detect a scene and adjust all settings of the arcadia 2 accordingly. let the ai creativity unleash, all you have to do is point and shoot.

30tb storage

storage capabilities has been a fierce competition in our industry. well, as the frontier leaders of the tech industry, we pushed the limits. the arcadia 2's micro-ssd is the first to break the 25tb threshold that many thought was impossible. you're welcome.

Immersive Spatial Audio

immersive spatial audio technologies help create a three-dimensional sound experience.  advanced algorithms simulate sound coming from different directions, resulting in a more realistic and immersive audio environment


lazy sunday

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