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Standard operational attire, this sweater bears the emblem of the Department of Espionage and Surveillance discreetly over the heart. Crafted for operatives in the field and supporters alike, it serves as a subtle nod to your affiliation with the department's clandestine activities. The emblem, a symbol of commitment to global surveillance and intelligence, marks you as part of an exclusive network dedicated to the art of espionage. Wear it as a badge of honor and a sign of your integral role in our ongoing operations.


Inventory Designation: ESP-0724-SW

Disclaimer: Agents are responsible for the maintenance and security of issued attire. Misplacement or unauthorized disclosure of garments bearing ESP designations may result in administrative fines and disciplinary actions. Exercise discretion and uphold the integrity of the department. Wear responsibly.

Department of E&S Sweater

Excluding Sales Tax
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