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the sun rises... on a fresh start.

What do you deserve?

a chance.
full attention.
deeper conversations.
quality over quantity.
less distractions.

A new dawn for digital dating awaits. Sølsk introduces match locking. A feature we think will set us apart from the competition and set you closer to a real connection.

Match locking is our way of helping you really get to know someone. When two people match, they're exclusively connected for a set time. This means no swiping or chatting with others - just you two, focusing on each other, and seeing where the conversation goes. It's like, well, real life!


Okay, let's explain it a little more...


Swipe left, swipe right, you know the deal.

But every swipe matters because...

The instant you match with anyone. You two are matched locked for 3 days.

Firefly side view of a happy woman 58281.jpg
Firefly side view of a happy man 91512.jpg

After 3 days? Your match and chat history are automatically deleted. Strange? Cutthroat? Welcome to Scandinavian culture!

Memory Lane gives everyone a second chance. All your matches go to Memory Lane regardless of your or your matches choice. From here, you can decide to reconnect with the one that got away.

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