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Turmoil, riots, assassinations, and a riled up generation. Follow the journey of four Ivy League students in an activist club as they plan to disrupt the rally of a corrupt Senator. One student, Edwin Van Hoyteman, begins to have doubt towards his peers as the days approach. With the added risk of losing his scholarship and being sent back to poverty stricken square one, Edwin takes matters into his own hands.

At this
everything changes.





Award-Winning Script

- Hollywood Just4Shorts

Local Production



Preston Sinclair

Public Relations, Business, Art*

Boston, Massachusetts

Wolfraam University will always hold a soft spot for the Sinclair family and it's long, prestigious history at the university. Preston is part of the third generation of Sinclairs since his grandfather, Huxley Sinclair, began his steel tycoon dynasty while attending Wolfraam as a business undergraduate. Preston loves nothing more than to spread his contagious smile to everyone. His charming, bubbly, Pollyannan attitude and wicked-smart intellectualism has seen him land internships at the White House, acquaint himself with Wall Street, and rise to president of three clubs, including Wolfraam's yacht club. Preston is addicted to Broadway musicals, loves painting, and is prominent in "flowery" language, such as poetry. Rather artistic for a future governor.

"Preston? You best keep him on a tight leash, or else, he'll run off and bring you flowers."
-Norman Sinclair (Father)


Jude-Bell Chamberlain

Law, Gender Studies, Political Theory

Manchester, United Kingdom

If there's one thing Wolfraam attracts, it's successors. Her majesty, Miss Jude-Bell Chamberlain, is surely on track to a career in Parliament, despite her insistent, rebellious attitude. One can walk the halls of Wolfraam and catch Jude-Bell on top of her soapbox, preaching anarchy to the choir of gullible freshman, with her biggest cheerleader, Preston, at her side. One can also turn the corner and be spooked by her innate ability to police these halls, always catching a misdemeanor, arms crossed, single eyebrow raised. Ironic, some might say. Her anarchic attitude has got her more visits to the Dean's office than Abbott and Costello reruns. Miss Chamberlain enjoys studying the law ("know thy enemy"), exploring garage fashion ("punk"), and listening to the Devil's music (Rock n' Roll).

"I tell ya, the Chamberlains have a feisty fire in little Jude-Bell. She once bit off the lobe of  my niece's ear for what? For losing count on the number of corrupt blokes she could name."
-Sir Wallington Fletcher (Former Lord Bishop of Manchester, No relation)


Ikechukwu Adebayor

Economics, Political Administration, Education

Lagos, Nigeria

Wolfraam University will always welcome royalty from every corner of Planet Earth! Ikechukwu, of the Adebayor Royal Family, is the first to represent the continent of Africa here at Wolfraam. A quick study and a gentle-giant, Ikechukwu loves nothing more than to spread his contagious smile to everyone. His charming, bubbly, Pollyannan attitude and wicked-smart intellectualism has seen him land internships at M.I.T, acquaint himself with NASA engineers, and rise to president of the O.D.E (Omicron Delta Epsilon) Fraternity. Ikechukwu is addicted to bringing a stable economy back to his homeland of Nigeria, teaching the next generation of Nigerians the American way, and is prominent in supply chain logistics to bring medical aid to Nigeria. Rather altruistic for a royal.

"Ikechukwu? Keep him away from the cannibals, or he'll turn them into born-again Christians."

-Bambwai Adebayor (Father)


Naomi Toyoda

Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Mass Communications

Kosai, Japan

As an athletic freak, and possible heir to her family's dominant automobile business, Naomi knows a thing or two about speed. After all, her record for fastest hustle to an end-of-semester test still remains untouched after all these years! Naomi prides herself on maintaining her peak physique and mentality. Her studies into the inner machinations of the human body has translated well to the automobile industry, as her grandfather knows. On one of her between-semester family visitations back to Japan, she advised her grandfather, founder of the Toyoda's automobile company, on ways to improve a prototype sedan by comparing it to the endurance system of a human. The prototype would go on to be a best seller in the world!

"If she keeps playing her sports, she'll run faster than grandpa's cars!"
-Ichiban Toyoda (Brother)


Edwin van Hoyteman

Law, Public Administration, Art*

Engineering, Kinesiology

Hot Springs, Montana

From Hot Springs, Montana, Edwin van Hoyteman has never been a stranger to tough times and hard work. A real hustle and bustle journey that landed him admission to this prestigious university! Wolfraam's first of his kind! But the hustle doesn't stop there! As Wolfraam's star quarterback from 1965 to 1968, Edwin ranked amongst the best in the nation for completed passes and yards rushed. Those who knew "Eddy Bear" can testify that he wasn't all brawn, he was also the brain behind the notorious, "Generation Sparrow Action" club. As Vice President, Edwin pushed for his controversial cause. His Dutch bluntness would wedge him between him, and perhaps the rest of the world. We here at Wolfraam believe in the truthful history. A most controversial character, yes, a cause of infamy for the nation through his actions, without a doubt, but to ignore our history, is to repeat it again. Every Wolfraam Wolf has a lesson to teach the next set of pupils. Whether it's a lesson to follow, or a lesson to take caution. Edwin will be no exception. Micas relinquere eos.

"Oh, Edwin. My sweet boy, could never contain him could we? Stubborn like a dog with a bone."
-Junebug van Hoyteman (Mother)

Law, Public Administration, Art*






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