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  • Do you accept customers from outside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex?
    Yes! We accept any "Video Editing", "Photo Editing", and "Advertising" orders from customers anywhere in the world! Unfortunately, all other services are for local customers only.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Every order varies. Our orders are fulfilled by Printify's network of print shops. Depending on the print shop, orders can ship from two days to two weeks after an order is placed. With that said, there is a standard two-week grace period for your order to arrive. If you do not receive your order in two weeks, you are entitled to a full refund.
  • What happens after my order is completed?
    Here at BTIXist Productions, we have what we call an "Order Completion Process". When your order is completed, the following is applied: - Permanent deletion of all your files uploaded by you to our storage. - Secure storage of our final draft sent to you. -
  • What happens to my files after my order is complete?
    Per our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy, upon completion of your order, all your files are permanently deleted from our database. We believe privacy is important and key to building trust with our customers.
  • How do I mark my order as "Complete"?
    If you wish to mark your order as "Complete", you can simply reply to our support team, notifying us to mark you order as complete. If you are contacting us out of the blue, you can simply tell us to mark your order as complete and provide the Order #. Lastly, if you have an ongoing order, and we do not hear from you for one month exactly, we will automatically mark your order as complete and proceed with the Order Completion Process.
  • How long will it take to complete my Video Editing order?
    You can expect the first draft of your order to arrive depending on your order type. For videos less than 1-minute: 1-2 days. For videos less than 10-minutes: 3-5 days. For videos less than 30-minutes: 7-15 days.
  • I submitted my order, how long until I can upload my files?
    You can expect us to send you a link to upload your files on the very same day you submitted your order. Worst case scenario, 3 days. Anything more than that and you are entitled to a free refund.
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