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In the near future...

Set in the near future at the end stages of a climate catastrophe, Retrogress tells the story of lonely college student Atharon Redwood. After a brutal summer break, he finds himself socially inept and is invited to partake in an experiment hosted by a tech giant with the promise of fixing all of his problems. The experiment will involve Atharon connecting with an A.I., Joule, who helps him find himself in the midst of a distraught world. Atharon will come to gain a new perspective on life, whether it benefits him or not.


Written By: Brandon Delgado

Written in 2018


Night Sky

What happened...

  • Near future dystopian setting, after severe climate change has ravaged the world.

  • Takes place in the former U.S., now referred to as the "Scorch Zone" due to extreme heat.

  • Much of the populated U.S. coastlines have been flooded, pushing people inland.

  • The Midwest region has been turned into an artificial oasis called "The Mid" to support agriculture and shelter climate refugees.

  • Extreme heat has forced a nocturnal lifestyle - people active at night, sleep during daylight.

  • UV radiation is extreme, requiring protective umbrellas/clothing and special contact lenses when outdoors.

  • Water scarcity, drinking purified "electrolyte water" instead of fresh water.

  • Food shortages, strict one child per family policies.

  • Mass migration has led to humanitarian crises like the "Massacre at the Border".

  • Technology has stagnated due to lack of resources and social turmoil.

  • AIs are tightly restricted, with hopes a "Singularity" could emerge to solve problems.

  • Social isolation is rampant, with close friendships rare.

  • Virtual/augmented reality provides escapism for lonely youth.



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