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It started with $0...
a broken camera, an AirBnb, and a homework assignment due the next week. This is, "Diplomacy", the student film by Brandon Delgado.

Today, it's a series of videos...
aimed at launching our crowdfunding campaign for the debut of our feature film, 'Diplomacy.' We're upgrading our beloved student project into a full-scale cinematic experience. And it all starts with... 'Diplomacy: The Setup.'"

The Setup.

Colors fade. The cold is arriving.

Controlled Chaos Operations
"Controlled Chaos Operations" introduces "The Diplomat" and the "American Spy" meeting with their commanding boss in a desolate office to initiate a covert operation, the first of its kind. Their mission - to infiltrate and disrupt anti-American factions, with the Diplomat influencing political circles while the Spy causes calculated disturbances. This first look at the world of "Diplomacy" sets the stage for a gripping tale of espionage, where diplomatic strategy and covert actions intertwine in a global chess game. And it begins in... Switzerland.
Years after the events of "Controlled Chaos Operations," a tense scene between a handcuffed American Spy and the Diplomat unfolds inside a Swiss prison. They reflect on a past operation involving stolen files and realize the Spy's arrest is a result of a grudge held by a foe they had outsmarted. This moment of revelation hints at betrayal and sets the stage for a complex tale of espionage, revenge, and shifting allegiances.
Friends of Friends
Now a Swiss official, the Diplomat communicates with intelligence agencies in Norway, France, Germany, and Spain. He gathers information on individuals connected to "Viking Wind," a mysterious entity that poses a significant threat. This final chapter intensifies the narrative, finishing the setup to the main story line of "Diplomacy".

Become a producer.

If you enjoyed our series...
if you wish to see 'Diplomacy' the feature film come to fruition, then consider becoming a producer! Your support is crucial to move from concept to screen. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference and brings us one step closer to sharing "Diplomacy" with the world. Join our community, and be a part of making this film a reality!

$450 out of $40,000


Images from proof-of-concept...
to graphic design, and behind-the-scenes from film shoots. Enjoy!

The script.

Soon to be...
our first feature film with your help. The script is complete and free for anyone to read. Learn what happens in the aftermath of 'Diplomacy: The Setup'.


Read the Script

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